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Clue length Answer
Soup ingredient6lentil
Protein source6lentil
Soup bean6lentil
Soup choice6lentil
Soup variety6lentil
Soup ingredient from a po6lentil
Campbell's variety6lentil
Navy bean alternative6lentil
Soup legume6lentil
Discombobulated, half intelligible and in the soup?6lentil
Edible seed6lentil
Pulse used in cooking6lentil
Vegetable in church observance not entirely bad6lentil
Sick, mostly after having fast pulse6lentil
Pulse found in virulent illnesses6lentil
Endlessly sick following fast food from vegan place?6lentil
High-protein pulse6lentil
Pulse fast on one close to arousal6lentil
Pulse lost leader of Triads in line-up?6lentil
Small round edible pulse, red, green or yellow6lentil
High protein pulse, can be yellow, red, green6lentil
Small flat round millennial seed6lentil
A little illness preceded by fast pulse6lentil
Pulse used in soups6lentil
pulse is fast, close to 1506lentil
tidbit in the indian dish dal6lentil
Mujaddara legume6lentil
Legume for soup6lentil
Nutritious legume6lentil
pea used in dhal6lentil
legume staple of mideast cuisine6lentil
Legume family bean6lentil
Nearly sick after fast food for vegetarians?6lentil
Ingredient in the Indian dish dal6lentil
legume common in indian cuisine among others6lentil
Kind of soup6lentil
Leguminous plant with edible flattened seeds6lentil
Soup ingredient from a pod6lentil
Protein-rich vegetarian soup6lentil
salad bar tidbit6lentil
Popular soup legume6lentil
Old World plant6lentil
Sort of soup on which a chap can get lit up!6lentil
Soup seed6lentil
Dal ingredient6lentil
legume often used in soups6lentil
Fast and almost unhealthy pulse6lentil
Disc-shaped legume used to make dal6lentil
Pulse bean removed from table linen6lentil