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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
The Scales, astrologicall5libra
Start of a fall5libra
Sky-chart scales5libra
One who's diplomatic and5libra
Follower of Virgo5libra
Well-balanced person?5libra
Fall sign5libra
The Balance5libra
Person born October 15libra
Scales up?5libra
Zodiac sign5libra
Rehnquist's sign, appropr5libra
Balance of October5libra
Scales seen at night5libra
First sign of fall5libra
Hydra's neighbor5libra
Only nonsentient zodiac s5libra
Just sort, supposedly5libra
Astrologically, the thoug5libra
The Scales5libra
Heavenly scales5libra
Pound sign?5libra
Sign of the zodiac5libra
Sign made by one supporter following Liverpool's first5libra
Sign left by one supporter5libra
Star billing featuring this group in the ascendant5libra
Sign of the scales5libra
Sign of balance?5libra
inanimate zodiac sign5libra
Sign for artist after party5libra
Air sign5libra
Zodiac sign whose symbol matches a symbol of Lady Justice5libra
Sign of a confused liar clutching a bottle opener5libra
sign of calibration5libra
Sign bishop invested in currency once5libra
Scales constellation5libra
Sign put up in star billing5libra
Sign in more than 50% of reading rooms5libra
Star sign5libra
Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency5libra
Sign after Virgo5libra
The seventh sign of the zodiac5libra
Scales calibrated to some extent5libra
Sign of autumn5libra
The sign of a liberal artist5libra
the seventh sign5libra
What was tender of Italians welcoming British stars?5libra
left one piece of underwear as a sign5libra
Seventh sign of the zodiac5libra
a sign in public libraries5libra