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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Book collection7library
Common setting in an Indi7library
Place where borrowing is7library
A "fine" place?7library
Part of a school7library
Source of information, one of twelve rapidly emptied7library
Collection of films, etc7library
On balance, railway books may be found here7library
Top pieces of literature in bookcases, recording and retelling yarns7library
Collection of books7library
Building or room containing books7library
The Dewey Decimal system is used here7library
Track alongside sign in quiet location?7library
Room for sign beside railway7library
Place where books are kept for lending, not sale7library
Where one might get a fine collection of records7library
Balance extremely rickety set of books7library
scales rail to obtain a quiet room perhaps7library
congress has a big one7library
Building with long shelf life?7library
Quiet place to read7library
Alexandrian wonder7library
Place to check out books7library
10,000-story building7library
Building with many stories7library
Microfiche locale7library
Free book rental building7library
setting for big volumes and low volume7library
Where one may find ‘The Borrowers'?7library
Room for sign next to railway7library
Star sign associated with royal youth's first collection of books7library
Common setting in an Indiana Jones movie7library
Place where borrowing is encouraged7library
Where many spines are visible7library
Where Silence Is Golden7library
Book repository7library
book depository7library
Sign next to railway building7library
Silent place to find a volume7library
A place of knowledge, but please be quiet!7library
One of the rooms in Clue7library
book-lending place7library
Sign jacket of racy books here?7library