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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Book review types8literati
Bookish bunch8literati
*Book reviewers, for exam8literati
Book set?8literati
Intellectuals initially like sex both ways, interrupted by hearsay regularly8literati
Top select group, one defending art, perhaps8literati
Well-read people8literati
Scholarly people8literati
Latin repetition not working for bookworms8literati
Well-educated readers8literati
learned folk otherwise retail it8literati
Well-educated people who are interested in books8literati
Erudite class8literati
drunk? time it's taken up by the intelligentsia8literati
Retail complex — it repelled bookworms8literati
"Lear" - it repeatedly moved the educated crowd8literati
"Really ravenous readers?" — that's some alliteration!8literati
Retail problem at the opening of trading for one of those consumed by the books8literati
What's fifty-one three times? One for the eggheads!8literati
Well-read and scholarly people8literati
Well-read people in orbit are tilting over8literati
Well-read types8literati
Smart figures organised rite in clipped language8literati
Highly educated types, especially those into books8literati
Well-read group8literati
Large copy, mostly one for regular readers?8literati
bookish set8literati
Literary intelligentsia8literati
scholars limitlessly reprimand one after missing half a test8literati
Ones who do things by the book?8literati
It's in Lear -- changing it upset them?8literati
characters making extensive use of alliteration?8literati
"*Book reviewers, for example"8literati
Contributors to The Paris Review, e.g.8literati
Reading group8literati
Bookish folk8literati
Educated class8literati
Those well read8literati
Learned lot8literati
in trial, tie confused the scholarly types8literati
Scholars drunk, incredibly irate8literati
i alter it foolishly for the scholarly types8literati
Volume of Poe needs a note for scholarly readers8literati
the intelligentsia left going over the same thing again? it's not on8literati
the well-read intelligentsia8literati
us measure it, beginning to accelerate in recession, people learned8literati
Well-educated people8literati