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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Girl's name spelled out i4lola
1970 Kinks hit4lola
"Whatever ...... wants ..."4lola
"Copacabana" showgirl4lola
Anouk Aim4lola
"Run ...... Run" (1998 film)4lola
"Damn Yankees" vamp4lola
"Come Back, Little Sheba"4lola
Singer Falana4lola
Notorious mistress Montez4lola
Kinks song of 19704lola
"Damn Yankees" seductress4lola
Whatever she wants, she g4lola
Joe Hardy's temptress4lola
"Damn Yankees" siren4lola
Kinks hit with a spelled-4lola
Name repeated in "Whateve4lola
Doc's wife in "Come Back,4lola
1970 hit with the lyric "4lola
"Run ...... Run" (1998 thril4lola
1970 Kinks song4lola
In a Kinks hit s/he "walk4lola
"Damn Yankees" woman who4lola
Name repeated in the lyri4lola
The "her" in the lyric "I4lola
Joe Hardy's temptress, on4lola
"Damn Yankees" role4lola
Bugs Bunny's girlfriend4lola
The "she" in the lyric "S4lola
"Damn Yankees" temptress4lola
Degas's "Miss ...... at the4lola
Gwen in "Damn Yankees"4lola
"Whatever ...... Wants" (1954lola
"Damn Yankees" girl4lola
"The Art of Beauty" autho4lola
The "she" in the lyric "She would merengue and do the cha-cha"4lola
kinks song4lola
1970 Kinks classic4lola
Running character in a 1998 German thriller4lola
Classic by the Kinks4lola
Hit for the Kinks4lola
kinks title woman with "a dark brown voice"4lola
Manilow's showgirl4lola
She said 'Little boy, gonna make you a man,' in a Kinks song4lola
bugs bunny's girlfriend who eventually runs off with pepe le pew4lola
Ms Montez4lola
musical temptress who gets whatever she wants4lola
damn yankees character4lola
actress falana4lola
showgirl in manilow's "copacabana"4lola