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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Nabokov novel6lolita
Noted novel in the guise6lolita
1955 novel that was made6lolita
Literature's Dolores Haze6lolita
Humbert Humbert's obsessi6lolita
Publishing sensation of 16lolita
Novel Kinks song about sex6lolita
Nabokov novel about a nymphet6lolita
Controversial book that's funny and primarily intended to aggravate6lolita
Literary piece of art about old lecturer?6lolita
A work turns up about centre of probe, controversial work6lolita
Look drunk getting a book6lolita
Title character of a controversial book by Nabokov6lolita
Nabokov's jailbait6lolita
controversial novel about a girl named dolores haze6lolita
The little minx, left with nothing, turned tail6lolita
controversial nabokov novel6lolita
1955 novel with the line 'It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight'6lolita
Seductive young girl6lolita
title girl whose given name is dolores6lolita
Nabokov heroine6lolita
humbert's obsession6lolita
Actress Davidovich of 'Gods and Monsters'6lolita
nabokov title6lolita
Without covers, all told, vital novel6lolita
dolores haze, to humbert6lolita
that's funny, uncovering vital novel6lolita
1962 Stanley Kubrick film6lolita
Nickname for Dolores Haze, in a 1955 novel6lolita
Fictional nymphet6lolita
Haze affected toil in smoggy city6lolita
Publishing sensation of 19586lolita
Vladimir Nabokov novel6lolita
Noted novel in the guise of a posthumously published memoir6lolita
1955 novel that was made into 1962 and 1997 films6lolita
Humbert Humbert's obsession6lolita
"Literature's Dolores Haze, familiarly"6lolita
1962 Kubrick film6lolita
Novel about Dolores Haze6lolita
Novel title character called "My sin, my soul"6lolita
About whom Nabokov said "She was like the composition of a beautiful puzzle - its composition and its solution at the same time"6lolita
Banned book of 19556lolita
Controversial 1950's novel6lolita
Underage heartbreaker6lolita
Nabokov creation6lolita
Light of Humbert Humbert's life6lolita
Actress Davidovich6lolita
Humbert Humbert's passion6lolita

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