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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
"It's ......!"5magic
How to get something from5magic
Mandrake's field5magic
Abracadabra stuff5magic
Cape wearer's field5magic
Potter's field?5magic
...... Johnson5magic
Copperfield's field5magic
Certain stage show5magic
Like Mann's mountain5magic
Like Mozart's flute5magic
Harry Potter's skill5magic
Mike harbours occasionally large illusions5magic
Marvellous computer screens generating interest, initially5magic
Remarkable assistance for speaker besetting a Government5magic
Wonderful conjuring5magic
Trick with ace5magic
Caught by wise men doing spells5magic
Brilliant - deception5magic
Brilliant soldier hacked into computer5magic
illusionist's act5magic
Enchanting — like Mozart's flute?5magic
... Johnson, one of the greatest players of the LA Lakers who has the highest assists per game in NBA history and introduced 'Showtime'5magic
charm of coat worn by soldier5magic
pulling a rabbit out of a hat, e.g.5magic
Warlock's practice5magic
Put American soldier in a raincoat for a spell5magic
A little smoke in the morning round is wonderful5magic
Wizardry — wizard!5magic
Witchcraft is wonderful5magic
mean grinch regularly spoilt enchantment5magic
Card game subtitled 'The Gathering'5magic
publication - one about sorcery5magic
In which Merlin's mostly enveloped by a little smoke in turn?5magic
earvin's nickname5magic
Conjurer's art5magic
Enchantment, spells5magic
Joe wearing raincoat? Marvellous!5magic
charming river flowing west around german isle5magic
fascinating magazine has one chapter5magic
tricks that treat5magic
Harry Potter's forte5magic
nba nickname since the '70s5magic
hidden 3-d image5magic