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Clue length Answer
Phobos orbits it4mars
One of the worlds in "The4mars
"Total Recall" setting4mars
Third-smallest of nine4mars
Sci-fi setting4mars
Pathfinder's target4mars
Pathfinder explored it4mars
Maker of Twix and Starbur4mars
Viking's destination4mars
Neighbor of Earth4mars
"Invaders From ......" (19534mars
Snickers alternative4mars
Land of Opportunity?4mars
Deimos orbits it4mars
Home of the invaders in W4mars
Viking landing site4mars
Location of Olympus Mons4mars
Phoenix landing site, 2004mars
Rover's home4mars
Twix candy maker4mars
Milky Way maker4mars
"The Sands of ......" (Arthu4mars
"The War of the Worlds" b4mars
Olympus Mons's locale4mars
Pathfinder's locale4mars
Either "M" of M&M's4mars
Sojourner's resting place4mars
Olympus Mons site4mars
Global Surveyor's destina4mars
Where the Vikings landed4mars
Damages drinks can I dropped4mars
The Red Planet4mars
Roman god of war4mars
Cause harm to small planet4mars
Embarrass oddly deficient God4mars
Damages - planet4mars
Spoils of war personified4mars
Missus taking in a bar?4mars
God may absolve really stupid leaders4mars
Roman god4mars
Spoils one section of The Planets suite4mars
Red Planet4mars
Extra serious weather problem ends terribly for planet4mars
Damages the planet4mars
planet next nearer to the sun than the earth4mars