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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
It gets brighter in winte7menorah
Holiday display7menorah
Hanukkah item7menorah
Holiday window item7menorah
One stops damage when mounting candelabrum7menorah
A symbol of Judaism since ancient times7menorah
Traditional candelabra for the holiday of Chanukah7menorah
Candelabra, one of the oldest symbols in Judaism7menorah
Candelabrum used in Jewish worship7menorah
religious candelabra once lit with olive oil7menorah
Fellows alternatively laugh, returning candelabra7menorah
Candles on this are lit on the days of Hanukkah7menorah
Seven-branched candelabrum7menorah
Synagogue item7menorah
hanukkah candelabrum7menorah
there's a 30 foot one that's lit every year in the northeast quadrant of the ellipse in dc7menorah
it's fully lit on the eighth night of hanukkah — and in this puzzle grid7menorah
glowing holiday centerpiece7menorah
holiday candle holder7menorah
Hanukkah centerpiece7menorah
Golden lampstand for seven candles in Judaism7menorah
It gets brighter in winter7menorah
Holiday decoration7menorah
Candle site7menorah
Candelabrum for Hanukkah7menorah
Seven-candles holder7menorah
Holy candelabrum7menorah
Symbol of Hanukkah7menorah
Candle holder used during Hanukkah7menorah
Two groups of soldiers and I see religious object7menorah
Seven-branched candlestick, a symbol of Judaism7menorah
Jewish symbol7menorah
religious candelabrum7menorah
festival of lights item7menorah
illuminated holiday symbol7menorah
Nine-armed candelabrum that's lit during Hanukkah7menorah
Hanukkah candle holder7menorah
it's lit over the course of a week7menorah
State emblem of Israel7menorah