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Clue length Answer
Short Hobbit carries copper and quicksilver7mercury
Messenger rising with the sun ...7mercury
Happy to include copper as a heavy metal7mercury
Metal in thermometer or barometer7mercury
Planet nearest to the sun7mercury
Metal once used widely in dental amalgams7mercury
Hermes counterpart in Roman mythology7mercury
Queen singer, Freddie ....7mercury
Queen's former lead vocalist: the late Freddie ....7mercury
Chemical element also known as Quicksilver7mercury
Closest planet to the sun7mercury
Smallest planet in the Solar System7mercury
Poisonous element that causes Minamata disease7mercury
planet next nearer to the sun than the earth7mercury
Lead singer of Queen: Freddie ...7mercury
Common chemical found in fish7mercury
Planet with no moons, not Venus7mercury
Type of poisoning that can cause Minamata disease7mercury
A poisonous element here? It's a small world!7mercury
mellow copper caught a messenger7mercury
Wanderer in tube?7mercury
Metal used in thermometers7mercury
Smallest planet; chemical once used in thermometers7mercury
Roman messenger of the gods with winged sandals7mercury
Queen singer7mercury
Liquid metal7mercury
Hg, to a chemist7mercury
Planet near the Sun7mercury
Ford car marque7mercury
Roman god of messages7mercury
Heavenly body which rises when hot7mercury
Happy about copper being an element7mercury
Planet with a large crater named Beethoven7mercury
Planet nearest the sun7mercury
Venus neighbor7mercury
Planet closest to the sun7mercury
Freddie .. of Queen7mercury
Happy to gather copper, type of metal7mercury
it may be used to measure temperature of planet7mercury
Freddie of Queen fame7mercury
Thermometer filler7mercury
Messenger of the gods in Roman mythology7mercury
The silver-white metal known as quicksilver7mercury
60's space project7mercury
Poisonous liquid metal used in thermometers7mercury
Smallest planet in mass7mercury
Messenger of Roman gods7mercury
Heavy metal band's flamboyant front man7mercury