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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Kind of badge for a scout5merit
Have coming5merit
Kind of system5merit
Reason for a raise5merit
Reason for a badge5merit
Kind of pay5merit
Kind of raise5merit
Kind of scholarship5merit
Scholarship criterion5merit
...... badge, boy scout's aw5merit
Criterion for a raise5merit
Basis of a Scouting badge5merit
Kind of badge for a Boy S5merit
...... badge5merit
Brand introduced by Phili5merit
Like some raises5merit
Philip Morris brand5merit
Excellence, worth5merit
Worth millions, weary - needing uplift5merit
Weary spymaster returns with warrant5merit
Foreign sea — it becomes desert5merit
Cater in mess for processed food outlets5merit
Excellence encountered around Royal Institution5merit
Worth not altogether seen in tiresome ritual5merit
Superior quality encountered around Rhode Island5merit
Goodness! Monsieur has raised flag!5merit
Worth Rome writer ignoring argumentative individual at intervals?5merit
Grant criterion5merit
The value, to me, of some ritual5merit
boy scout badge5merit
It's worth making time about mid-afternoon5merit
Some rituals have worth5merit
Expression of doubt in Cambridge University? Goodness!5merit
Strong point recalled during retirement5merit
Be entitled to a new timer5merit
Be worthy of5merit
what a good argument has5merit
Worth seen in former Italian leader5merit
Worth some ritual passage5merit
What movement of timer could be worth5merit
Weary maiden rejected virtue5merit
An unusual term I deserve5merit
Value characters coming back from retirement5merit
Value gathered when assimilating scripture5merit