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Clue length Answer
Vegas's ...... Grand3mgm
Not grand3mgm
"The Wizard of Oz" studio3mgm
The Marx Bros. left Param3mgm
RKO competitor3mgm
"Grand Hotel" studio3mgm
"Singin' in the Rain" stu3mgm
"2001" studio3mgm
Letters associated with a3mgm
"Gone With the Wind" stud3mgm
"Ben-Hur" studio3mgm
Its films have roaring st3mgm
"Ars gratia artis" studio3mgm
"2001: A Space Odyssey" s3mgm
"The Mod Squad" studio3mgm
Thalberg's studio3mgm
Its symbol is a lion3mgm
United Artists' parent co3mgm
its logo depicts a film strip3mgm
palindromic film studio3mgm
Film studio with a roaring lion: Abbr.3mgm
producer of many great musicals3mgm
studio distributing many bond films3mgm
media company hqed in beverly hills whose lion first roared in 19283mgm
gene kelly hirer3mgm
letters associated with a lion3mgm
roaring-lion studio3mgm
"mrs. miniver" studio3mgm
... Resorts International (hospitality and entertainment company)3mgm
The Wizard of Oz film studio3mgm
Big name in casinos3mgm
film studio with a lion mascot3mgm
Studio with a lion mascot3mgm
Roaring lion studio: Abbr.3mgm
Studio whose films begin with a roaring lion3mgm
studio that made green dolphin street3mgm
"singin' in the rain" studio3mgm
Leo the lion's movie studio: Abbr.3mgm
Film studio with a roaring lion logo3mgm
last silent-era holdout3mgm
it starts movies off with a roar3mgm
Palindromic studio name3mgm
The Wizard of Oz studio: Abbr.3mgm
Palindromic movie house with a roaring lion as its logo3mgm
... Grand (hotel on the Las Vegas Strip)3mgm
Studio that produced the 1951 film Angels in the Outfield3mgm
Studio behind Hulu's 'The Handmaid's Tale'3mgm
Roaring film studio?: Abbr.3mgm
The Marx Bros. left Paramount for it3mgm
Its films have roaring starts3mgm