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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Kind of mouth5motor
Machine powerer5motor
Travel by car5motor
Kind of skill5motor
Power source5motor
Driving force5motor
First part5motor
Kind of skill or home5motor
D.M.V. part5motor
Fell over close to buffet car5motor
Vehicle has men following its assessment?5motor
Trucker initially comes in to secure vehicle5motor
In the end, nut goes in to secure wheels5motor
Car close to kaput, having got stuck in heath5motor
Tense, entering space, backing car5motor
Machine; car5motor
Men behind roadworthiness test for vehicle5motor
Relating to muscular movement5motor
Powerful central heating in the back room5motor
pistons' home?5motor
Drive from Missouri to the heart of Florida5motor
Space to reverse round front of traction engine5motor
Car demolished room, with time5motor
Make good progress with second rise5motor
Go by car or Thomas will be back first5motor
engine enables doctor to go to rubbish tip5motor
This supplies an alternative to the Ministry of Transport!5motor
Drive from a tee into open country5motor
hang glider's lack5motor
Car starts touring in wild land5motor
(Transport using) engine5motor
A test for car, or the car itself5motor
drive a car5motor
Powers machines5motor
Small but powerful engine5motor
Take car to square in wild tract of heath5motor
Mechanic's target5motor
Engine gets gold after a car test5motor
The M of D.M.V.5motor
medical man gets to the right vehicle5motor
Heath has time to get car5motor
Drive a historic model car in open country5motor
Power provider5motor
Mechanic concern5motor