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Clue length Answer
"On the Road Again" singe6nelson
South Africa's Mandela6nelson
Wrestling hold6nelson
Ozzie or Harriet6nelson
Trafalgar Square honoree6nelson
"Full" or "half" wrestlin6nelson
A Rockefeller6nelson
Hold in the gym6nelson
"The Simpsons" bully6nelson
Mandela of South Africa6nelson
Gov. Rockefeller6nelson
Hold on a mat6nelson
Head squeeze6nelson
Sen. Gaylord ......, who ori6nelson
Admiral's strong grasp6nelson
Hero of Trafalgar Square6nelson
British admiral6nelson
Famous admiral6nelson
Admiral in the hold for fighting?6nelson
Old sailor in the hold6nelson
Good to follow girls on Twitter6nelson
Victorious flag officer in the hold6nelson
British admiral, d. 18056nelson
Naval hero's grip on opponent6nelson
Naval hero, d. 21 October 18056nelson
Hold one in high position in Westminster6nelson
English admiral6nelson
Kennel's only inhabitant, one visibly affected by fighting6nelson
Emma Hamilton's lover, who died in battle on 21 October 18056nelson
Willie ...., country singer of City of New Orleans6nelson
First name of South African leader Mandela6nelson
Forename of President Mandela of South Africa6nelson
Famous seaman in hold6nelson
Washington's horse shares its name with an admiral6nelson
Willie, country singer of Always on My Mind6nelson
Apt name for a wrestler6nelson
'Georgia on My Mind' singer Willie6nelson
Famous seaman shows a hold one can't escape from6nelson
hold a war hero6nelson
Admiral at Trafalgar6nelson
Channel so nearly consumes seafaring lord6nelson
You'll find this admiral in the hold6nelson
Victory was doubly his6nelson
british admiral, horatio ...6nelson
Turner of a blind eye6nelson
Mandela's first name6nelson
"On the Road Again" singer6nelson
South African leader Mandela6nelson
London "columnist"6nelson
Golf Hall of Famer Byron6nelson