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Clue length Answer
Treasury Secretary Paul6oneill
"Long Day's Journey Into6oneill
Bush Treasury secretary6oneill
1970's-80's House speaker6oneill
"Mourning Becomes Electra6oneill
"The Great God Brown" pla6oneill
Four-time Yankee All-Star6oneill
"Anna Christie" playwrigh6oneill
"The Iceman Cometh" playw6oneill
Tip of Massachusetts6oneill
Dramatist Eugene6oneill
"The Hairy Ape" playwrigh6oneill
Ed of "Married...With Chi6oneill
American playwright, a person flat on his back?6oneill
Ollie nervously hosts northern playwright6oneill
american playwright eugene6oneill
'Beyond the Horizon' playwright Eugene6oneill
Joseph ...., Irish author6oneill
Playwright in the Lowell Swortzell play 'Young Eugene'6oneill
"The Iceman Cometh" playwright6oneill
"Strange Interlude" playwright Eugene6oneill
house speaker when reagan was president6oneill
tip of the hill, once6oneill
beyond the horizon playwright6oneill
Eugene ..., Tip..., Ryan ...6oneill
Eugene —, playwright awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize in Literature6oneill
four-time pulitzer dramatist6oneill
playwright eugene6oneill
1936 literature nobelist6oneill
ah, wilderness dramatist6oneill
Person having to suffer American playwright6oneill
"long day's journey into night" playwright6oneill
"Ed of Married...With Children"6oneill
"Married...With Children co-star"6oneill
"The Hairy Ape playwright"6oneill
"Mourning Becomes Electra playwright"6oneill
Actor Ed of “Modern Family”6oneill
“Anna Christie” playwright6oneill
"Long Day's Journey Into Night writer"6oneill
"The Great God Brown playwright"6oneill
Four-time Yankee All-Star Paul6oneill
"Ah, Wilderness!" playwright6oneill
"Beyond the Horizon" writer6oneill
House Speaker during Carter's Presidency6oneill
"Strange Interlude" playwright6oneill
House Speaker, 1977-866oneill
Josie Hogan creator6oneill
Al Bundy portrayer Ed6oneill
James Wright's predecessor6oneill
Tip of baseball6oneill