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Clue length Answer
Surgical procedure9operation
Agency work helping to look after earl9operation
Formal speech about limits of private enterprise9operation
Performance in the theatre switched to open air9operation
Choice over time of surgery9operation
11, excellent, not entirely smelly9operation
Time-saving preference working9operation
Another name for surgery9operation
Surgeon board game with buzzing warning9operation
Patient in this board game is named “Cavity Sam”9operation
Surgery in hospitals9operation
Surgical board game, try not to make it buzz9operation
Children's game in which you play doctor9operation
Business address outside Pyongyang - encouraging, for starters9operation
Old crazy painter welcomes Oscar - the one regularly seen in The Theatre9operation
Campaign speech in the course of which people cleared out9operation
Work in the theatre9operation
Almost share in public function9operation
Running to open-air theatre event9operation
surgery is done in an ... theatre9operation
Speech about Peru employing military action9operation
... surgery9operation
Medical treatment in battle9operation
Dextrous board game, sees removal of body parts9operation
Campaign speech incorporating empty prose9operation
From The Theatre to open-air adaptation?9operation
Exercises going into speech and action in theatre9operation
A job for the theatre agency9operation
A job to be done in the theatre?9operation
A long time in alternative treatment9operation
Manage without Conservative helping process9operation
Work ethic initially took a share in business9operation
Game using tweezers to remove a funny bone9operation
Bone-retrieval board game9operation
Board game for a steady hand9operation
Procedure in theater9operation
Medical procedure9operation
Surgeon's work9operation
show doctor into surgery9operation
theatre work9operation
Surgery performed on a patient9operation
Energy limit applied to work procedure9operation
Page in Old English helping process9operation