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Best answers for 8 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
Not fancy at all8 lettersordinary
Regular case from October and November in journal8 lettersordinary
Totally normal; unexceptional8 lettersordinary
Familiar old money invested in track8 lettersordinary
Routine8 lettersordinary
"...... People," 1980 Oscar winner8 lettersordinary
Commonplace gold coin of old, value unknown8 lettersordinary
Usual8 lettersordinary
Not exceptional in any way8 lettersordinary
Common-or-garden8 lettersordinary
Unexceptional charge of the simplest kind in heraldry8 lettersordinary
Common, unexceptional8 lettersordinary
turning dry air on is nothing special8 lettersordinary
Everyday charge of simplest kind in heraldry8 lettersordinary
pedestrian8 lettersordinary
In our yard frantically extracting uranium, Normal?8 lettersordinary
roy managed to find money common8 lettersordinary
"A Life Less ...," 1997 Cameron Diaz starrer following two angels tasked with making two people fall in love8 lettersordinary
Plain8 lettersordinary
Plain and simple8 lettersordinary
Undistinguished8 lettersordinary
Common, regular8 lettersordinary
Bog standard8 lettersordinary
Average8 lettersordinary
Dicky dry on air and unexceptional8 lettersordinary
Common, everyday8 lettersordinary
Regular soldiers put November in events book8 lettersordinary
Plain gold coin, capital in Yugoslavia8 lettersordinary
Commonplace, banal8 lettersordinary
Antonym of peculiar8 lettersordinary
With no special or distinctive features8 lettersordinary
Normal, usual8 lettersordinary
A dry iron — sadly commonplace8 lettersordinary
Stock8 lettersordinary
Not worthy of comment8 lettersordinary
Workaday8 lettersordinary
Plain gold coin used in Kuwait and Yemeni capital8 lettersordinary
Robert Redford's directorial debut: ... People8 lettersordinary
... World, Duran Duran sang about everyday life8 lettersordinary
But, when extra, it's surprising8 lettersordinary
Link to alternative journal about new normal8 lettersordinary
Commonplace8 lettersordinary
Common ......8 lettersordinary
Currency unknown following gold standard8 lettersordinary
Love ......8 lettersordinary
Usual - bishop in his province8 lettersordinary
Unexceptional8 lettersordinary
Run-of-the-mill8 lettersordinary
Nothing special8 lettersordinary
Everyday8 lettersordinary