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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Ripley's last words?5ornot
"Like it ......"5ornot
It can precede or follow5ornot
Believe it!5ornot
Optional phrase5ornot
"... then again, maybe I'5ornot
Words after an iffy state5ornot
End of an iffy statement5ornot
"... but things could cha5ornot
"... then again, I could5ornot
"Ready ......, here ..."5ornot
"... but I could be wrong5ornot
"Whether ...... ..."5ornot
Speculation follower5ornot
Words after "whether"5ornot
Second-guessers' words5ornot
"And then again ..."5ornot
Doubting words5ornot
Remark after an awkward s5ornot
"... but possibly untrue"5ornot
Uncertain ending words5ornot
'... unless it's wrong'5ornot
'... but that appears to have been wrong'5ornot
"but i'm open to other suggestions"5ornot
“...then again, that could be wrong”5ornot
“...unless I'm mistaken”5ornot
"... but maybe i'm wrong"5ornot
"... but we could do something else instead"5ornot
"... but maybe i was wrong"5ornot
"... unless i'm wrong"5ornot
ready followers?5ornot
hedger's last words5ornot
'... well, never mind then'5ornot
'Ready ..., here I come!'5ornot
'... but it's up to you'5ornot
Expression of doubt5ornot
addendum of uncertainty5ornot
"Believe It ..!" [2 wds]5ornot
… but I guess I could be wrong5ornot
'... eh, scratch that'5ornot
Contrary afterthought5ornot
Words after an iffy statement5ornot
"... then again, maybe I'm wrong"5ornot
Words after "like it" and "ready"5ornot
Ready follower?5ornot
"Then again, I could be wrong"5ornot
Remark after an awkward silence5ornot
"... but things could change"5ornot
It can precede or follow "to be"5ornot

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