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Clue length Answer
"Big Brother is watching6orwell
"Coming Up for Air" novel6orwell
"Animal Farm" author6orwell
Big Brother's creator6orwell
Etonian yearbook author whose elder sibling saw everything6orwell
Socialist author otherwise sensible6orwell
The Road to Wigan Pier author6orwell
Suffolk river or its source?6orwell
Eric Arthur Blair6orwell
George —, 1984 author6orwell
Writer wrote timeless moving lines6orwell
George ...., author of the classic 19846orwell
Pen name of Arthur Eric Blair: George ....6orwell
Author Eric Blair's nom de plume: George ....6orwell
1984 and Big Brother creator6orwell
Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George ....6orwell
Writer getting nothing right, fortunately6orwell
Big Brother producer's alternative source6orwell
The river on which Ipswich stands6orwell
george who dreamed up snowball, squealer and old major6orwell
Author born essentially healthy6orwell
Writer gets nothing right, fortunately6orwell
Writer of 19846orwell
What Blair became before spring6orwell
Nineteen Eighty-Four writer George6orwell
"1984" author6orwell
Creator of Winston Smith6orwell
River in Suffolk, England6orwell
Creator of Big Brother6orwell
Author George, essentially healthy6orwell
creator of the language newspeak6orwell
George ... created Big Brother in 19846orwell
author of 19846orwell
The novelist whose real name is Eric Arthur Blain6orwell
"Coming Up for Air novelist"6orwell
"Big Brother is watching you writer"6orwell
Coiner of the term "doublethink"6orwell
He wrote "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."6orwell
Animal Farm author George6orwell
He wrote "Animal Farm"6orwell
Eric Blair's pen name6orwell
Annual prize for political writing6orwell
Eric Arthur Blair's pen name George ...6orwell
Mid-20th century writer or early 20th century writer, mostly6orwell