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Clue length Answer
Master manipulator9osteopath
Practitioner reset toes during operation at hospital9osteopath
Massager treats toe with potash9osteopath
Manipulative professional writer's lifted word to pen9osteopath
Medical expert in joints and muscles9osteopath
person who heals by manipulating joints and muscles9osteopath
Potato she uses badly as a manipulator of the body9osteopath
Physician specializing in bone and muscle pain9osteopath
Medical practitioner a poet shot in a frenzy9osteopath
Therapist who manipulates the skeleton9osteopath
Therapist, bone specialist9osteopath
manipulative health care practitioner9osteopath
Soothe suffering, maintaining light touch? This therapist might9osteopath
therapist treating toes, old way9osteopath
Promise to include perhaps Milton Keynes's last regressive therapist9osteopath
Professional manipulator9osteopath
bone man has top toe fractured9osteopath
Medical manipulator9osteopath
Muscle maneuverer9osteopath
Manipulative health care worker9osteopath
Physician with a D.O. degree9osteopath
One manipulates very big writer back at hotel9osteopath
Medical practitioner9osteopath
therapist treating ape's tooth9osteopath
Manipulating sort thought a poet's odes retro features9osteopath
Back specialist9osteopath
Bone specialist making haste to wrap up operation9osteopath
treatment for a stoop? the appropriate spec­ialist here9osteopath
One manipulates commitment to accommodate returning writers9osteopath
physician, at times9osteopath

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