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Clue length Answer
Ham it up7overact
"Saw the air too much wit7overact
Ham's old and green - there are even bits of sauce in it7overact
Public scoffs a starter of cheese and ham7overact
Perform hammily7overact
Ham a cleric sent back during autumn month7overact
Exaggerate recession for a minister in this month7overact
Plain about account for ham7overact
Extravagantly perform part of lover, actually7overact
Cook to carve ham7overact
Ham's old and green, containing one calorie7overact
Lady during month to perform in an exaggerated way7overact
It's specially designed to carve ham7overact
Ham to carve after cooking7overact
make too much of what's plain about account7overact
Chew the scenery7overact
Ham for the cam7overact
Order to carve damaged bone out of ham?7overact
Ham provided by girl in October7overact
Exaggerate a role7overact
Exaggerate on top of deed7overact
In retirement care, volunteers turning up lay it on thick7overact
"Saw the air too much with your hand, in Shakespeare's words"7overact
Play the ham7overact
Ham wrapped in 21 down?7overact
exaggerate concerning part of play7overact
Ham open employing a can-opener?7overact
open sandwiches are commonly initially ham7overact
Butcher to carve ham7overact
Behave in exaggerated way7overact
Evident eating a cold ham might do this7overact
Ham to carve into pieces7overact
Ring to check about transport going to West Ham7overact
show too much enthusiasm in taking part7overact
Part of lover, actually ham!7overact
to carve ham7overact
Ham left unused by function7overact
To ham7overact
Perform exaggeratedly7overact
Be melodramatic7overact

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