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Clue length Answer
Possible result of a defe7owngoal
Lagoon spread over wicket, hence embarrassing score7owngoal
Footballer's mistake7owngoal
It's a mistake to admit having ambition7owngoal
Self-inflicted setback7owngoal
Self-inflicted harm7owngoal
Admit ambition's a mistake7owngoal
Unintentional self-inflicted harm7owngoal
Action that backfired? Individual shot a line7owngoal
admit girl has nothing: this harm is self-inflicted7owngoal
Costly footballing error7owngoal
"Wrong-net" score7owngoal
Error that hurt Logan, unfortunately7owngoal
Defensive error gets cry of pain, followed by a long analysis7owngoal
In football, a score by a team member for their opponents7owngoal
Zero wonga sadly left - that's self-inflicted7owngoal
To have ambition is a self-inflicted disadvantage7owngoal
Footballer's mishap7owngoal
Have uprising in prison, one result of playing 9 25?7owngoal
Possible result of a defensive error in soccer7owngoal
Soccer blooper7owngoal
Major error in soccer7owngoal
Action which backfires7owngoal
Adding water to another lagoon is a blunder7owngoal
self-inflicted soccer score7owngoal
Football blunder7owngoal
Self-inflicted damage to have end7owngoal
Act of scoring for the opposition7owngoal
Self-inflicted damage that hurt along with treatment7owngoal
Defender's regret, perhaps, to have ambition7owngoal
Personal ambition that's a setback for the team7owngoal
Action which backfires on one7owngoal
the team's mistake was to confess an aim7owngoal
No-go law (anag.)7owngoal
admit objective was something self-inflicted7owngoal
self-destructive soccer gaffe7owngoal
Personal objective in move that backfired?7owngoal