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Clue length Answer
Olive of "Thimble Theatre3oyl
Popeye's gal Olive ......3oyl
Olive ......3oyl
Thin cartoon woman3oyl
Castor or Olive3oyl
Popeye's Olive ......3oyl
Olive in the comics3oyl
Thimble Theatre name3oyl
Popeye's gal3oyl
"Thimble Theater" name3oyl
Olive in the funny pages3oyl
Castor ...... (old comic str3oyl
Olive kin3oyl
"Thimble Theatre" surname3oyl
Comics family name3oyl
Olive with a little salt?3oyl
Segar created her3oyl
Name in "Popeye"3oyl
Olive ...... (Popeye's sweet3oyl
Fleischer's Olive ......3oyl
Cry for attention close to waterfall animated Olive3oyl
Olive in cartoons3oyl
Toon with an uncle Lubry Kent3oyl
see 130 across3oyl
minder of swee'pea3oyl
olive, the on and off girlfriend of poopdeck pappy's kid3oyl
toondom's olive3oyl
duvall film role of 19803oyl
Surname in Thimble Theatre comics3oyl
Popeye's love Olive3oyl
stringbean olive3oyl
famous sailor's honey3oyl
fleischer-cartoon femme3oyl
Popeye's love3oyl
swab's "goil"3oyl
olive or castor of toondom3oyl
slender olive3oyl
olive not found in martinis3oyl
skinny toon olive3oyl
olive, who was once engaged to "lounge lizard" harold hamgravy, a character played by bill irwin in a 1980 movie3oyl
Bluto bugged her3oyl
Olive ... Popeye's girlfriend3oyl
Popeye's girlfriend3oyl
Olive's family name3oyl
Animated Olive3oyl
popeye's goil3oyl
duvall's role in 1980's live-action “popeye”3oyl
Olive .... [Popeye's gal]3oyl
olive ... [popeye's love]3oyl

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