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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Arc de Triomphe locale5paris
Notre Dame's city5paris
Home of L'Express5paris
He left Oenone for Helen5paris
Brother of Cassandra5paris
Where the Seine flows5paris
Where Ilsa met Rick5paris
Achilles' killer5paris
Eiffel Tower's home5paris
Rue de Rivoli city5paris
Louvre locale5paris
Setting for an "Eloise" b5paris
Lindbergh's trans-Atlanti5paris
Setting for "La Traviata"5paris
City of Light5paris
Helen's abductor5paris
Plaster of ......5paris
"We'll always have ......" (5paris
Golden apple bestower5paris
Where the Eiffel Tower is5paris
Seine city5paris
It was liberated in Augus5paris
Capital on the Seine5paris
Romeo's rival5paris
City where "Phantom of th5paris
France's capital5paris
Eiffel Tower locale5paris
French capital5paris
Capital of France5paris
Old prince's moveable feast, so-called5paris
Dad taking teacher around European capital5paris
European capital - Trojan prince5paris
Father joins retired teacher in European capital5paris
Average is capital!5paris
Home of Chanel and Cartier5paris
City that Anne Rice called 'a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history'5paris
Home to Notre Dame5paris
Arch of Triumph locale5paris
City's endless church district5paris
Where equality is capital5paris
A spare part is capital!5paris
City on the Seine5paris
Crack up one's capital5paris
Son of Priam and Hecuba in Greek mythology who fatally wounded Achilles5paris
Seine straddler5paris
"fluctuat nec mergitur," latin for "it is tossed but does not sink," is the motto of this capital city5paris
Endless church district in city5paris
a capital trojan hero5paris
Arc de Triomphe city5paris
A capital hosting pairs contest5paris

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