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Clue length Answer
Culinary herb7parsley
Garnishing plant7parsley
Common herb used as a garnish7parsley
Plant with leaves used as culinary herb7parsley
leafy herb7parsley
Talk about singular garnish7parsley
Green, leafy, carrot-family herb, curly or flat7parsley
Curly or flat-leaf herb used as a garnish7parsley
Discuss terms about small plant7parsley
Herb in chimichurri7parsley
players prepared for an addition to season7parsley
Herb good with fish7parsley
Green garnish7parsley
Herb used sparely7parsley
Talk about singular herb7parsley
A garnish used by players7parsley
leafy garnish7parsley
Restaurant plate garnish7parsley
Three-leaved herb popular as a garnish7parsley
A culinary herb7parsley
aromatic plant players get out7parsley
Talk about small herb7parsley
Aromatic herb with either flat or crinkly leaves7parsley
Chimichurri ingredient7parsley
Chicken soup ingredient7parsley
Soup garnish7parsley
Chef's garnish7parsley
Common herb7parsley
On a Seder plate, it represents the arrival of springtime7parsley
Dried green herb used in creamy fish sauce7parsley
Garnishing sprig7parsley
Bright green herb used to make a sauce for fish7parsley
.... sauce; fish accompaniment made with green herb7parsley
Green herb that might have flat or curly leaves7parsley
Decorating herb7parsley
pears cooked, including large unknown herb7parsley
Herb used for garnishing foods, ..., Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme7parsley
talk in which girl says she rambles, as 6 complains about cooking ingredient7parsley
Culinary herb, two main varieties, flat-leaf or curly7parsley
Discuss inserting pinch of spice as sauce ingredient7parsley
Chimichurri herb7parsley