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3 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Modern organizer, for sho3pda
Handheld computer, briefl3pda
BlackBerry, e.g., in brie3pda
Handheld computer, or hol3pda
Palm Pilot, e.g., briefly3pda
BlackBerry or iPhone, bri3pda
Palm Pilot, e.g.3pda
Palm Treo, e.g.3pda
iPhone, e.g., briefly3pda
Smartphone, e.g., for sho3pda
Hi-tech organizer3pda
Hi-tech helper3pda
Evidence of a couple's honeymoon phase, for short3pda
Kissing on the street, briefly3pda
Obsolescent aid for a businessperson, for short3pda
smack on the street, e.g., for short3pda
personal organiser — canoodling in the park?3pda
making out in a movie theater, for example: abbr.3pda
smartphone's predecessor3pda
Smooching in front of your friends, e.g3pda
Behavior that might gross out other people on the bus, briefly3pda
Kissing on a kiss cam, e.g., for short3pda
Cuddling on a park bench, e.g3pda
Newlyweds' indiscretion, briefly3pda
Certain hand-held ... or hand-holding3pda
Handheld organizer: abbr3pda
kissing on a crowded sidewalk, for short3pda
Kissing on the streets e.g.: Abbr.3pda
Smartphone predecessor for short3pda
Smartphone predecessor: Abbr.3pda
obsolescent device like the ibm simon, e.g.3pda
smoochin' on the bus, say3pda
Bit of intimacy in a crowd, briefly3pda
peck in the park, briefly3pda
kissing at the mall, for short3pda
kiss in a busy store, for short3pda
smartphone ancestor, briefly3pda
kissing on a busy ave., say3pda
kiss at the mall, briefly3pda
smooching on the bus, for short3pda
Public smooching, eg: abbr3pda
Smartphone preceder: Abbr.3pda
Hugging in public say: Abbr.3pda
Kissing in public say: Abbr.3pda
Kissing on a bus say: Abbr.3pda
“Get a room” elicitor, for short3pda
Awkward thing to witness while third-wheeling, in brief3pda
BlackBerry, e.g.3pda
Behavior that might prompt someone to yell 'Get a room!'3pda
Makeout sesh at a mall, e.g3pda