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Clue length Answer
Person walking10pedestrian
Dull person in precinct, perhaps10pedestrian
Dull, uninspired10pedestrian
Dull - walker10pedestrian
He's too dull to use a car!10pedestrian
Uninspired novel read in Sept10pedestrian
Rambler, say, with nothing much to write home about10pedestrian
Flat tyres one can do without!10pedestrian
Terribly tense, rapid walker10pedestrian
A person travelling on foot is commonplace10pedestrian
What train speed may turn out to be10pedestrian
prosaic epithet for a footman?10pedestrian
Walker badly strained by exercise10pedestrian
Crosswalk user10pedestrian
One on foot10pedestrian
Lacking wit or panache10pedestrian
Lacking in imagination10pedestrian
Composed repeats in D flat?10pedestrian
diaper sent was soiled in walker10pedestrian
he hasn't got his car and needs a trip out10pedestrian
Lacking inspiration he goes for a walk10pedestrian
One without a car needs a trip out10pedestrian
Uninspiring President sadly adopting leadership of America10pedestrian
pretty ordinary guy on foot10pedestrian
American president awfully boring10pedestrian
Dull-witted American president's thrown outside10pedestrian
one traveling on foot10pedestrian
A president dreadfully uninspired10pedestrian
walker is dull10pedestrian
not very exciting for one lacking drive10pedestrian
Hiker's nothing much to write home about10pedestrian
Referring maybe to crossing lacking interest10pedestrian
A person walking on the street; has the right of way at marked crosswalks10pedestrian
train speed pathetically slow?10pedestrian
train speed reduced to walking pace10pedestrian
A pretty ordinary walker!10pedestrian