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Clue length Answer
Sword of Damocles5peril
Snake in the grass5peril
Life-or-death situation5peril
Storm, to a captain5peril
An undesirable thing to b5peril
Gathering storm5peril
Precipice, say5peril
Scylla or Charybdis5peril
You're in it if you cry 45peril
Daredevils are often in i5peril
Trepidation inducer5peril
Iceberg, for some5peril
Reason for insurance5peril
Worrier's worry5peril
It may lead to injury5peril
You should worry if you'r5peril
Situation for Pauline?5peril
Hidden rocks, to a ship5peril
Rocks ahead5peril
"...... at End House" (Chris5peril
Menace from political extremists maintaining anger towards the West5peril
Danger for each one left5peril
Danger left one representative receding5peril
Immediate danger5peril
Exposure to harm5peril
Danger of liberal Irish record being overturned5peril
Retiring salesman I left in danger5peril
Avalanche, to a mountain climber, e.g5peril
Booby trap, e.g5peril
Each one left spells danger5peril
The danger that lurks in paper illuminations5peril
Danger for the Italian5peril
pauline's situation5peril
Exposure to destruction5peril
Supernatural being left in jeopardy5peril
Serious danger5peril
Tight spot, for Pauline5peril
Harm's way5peril
supernatural creature left in jeopardy5peril
Imminent danger5peril
problem for pauline5peril
i get a number to follow through danger5peril
risk for everyone by lake5peril