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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
European model has left for Sweden4 letterspole
European found at the end of the earth?4 letterspole
European; measure of length4 letterspole
Writer keeping large 34 letterspole
Cold spot4 letterspole
Leader of visible magnitude, apostle converted unbeliever, finally4 letterspole
18 vote's announced4 letterspole
Decathlete's need4 letterspole
Gondola propeller4 letterspole
Warsaw native4 letterspole
Support Lech Walesa?4 letterspole
Frigid extremity4 letterspole
Vaulter's need4 letterspole
extreme european?4 letterspole
Old firehouse fixture4 letterspole
Stick up for a European?4 letterspole
Helicopters dropping off richest staff4 letterspole
end of axis, european4 letterspole
European staff4 letterspole
Olympic vaulter's need4 letterspole
wojtyla or walesa4 letterspole
striped fixture outside a barbershop4 letterspole
native of częstochowa4 letterspole
An upright European4 letterspole
Tent support4 letterspole
"... or ......!"4 letterspole
Explorer's quest, with "t4 letterspole
Cold place4 letterspole
Kind of position4 letterspole
John Paul II, e.g.4 letterspole
Spar, e.g.4 letterspole
Barbershop symbol4 letterspole
End of the world?4 letterspole
Fishing need4 letterspole
...... vault4 letterspole
Barbershop emblem4 letterspole
Vault opener?4 letterspole
Plum Nascar position4 letterspole
It's the end of the world4 letterspole
Vaulter's tool4 letterspole
Decathlete's implement4 letterspole
True north spot4 letterspole
Either end of a magnet4 letterspole
Pool worker's aid4 letterspole
Subway car feature4 letterspole
Flag holder4 letterspole
Extremity of the earth4 letterspole
It may be + or -4 letterspole
Barber's emblem4 letterspole
Gondolier's need4 letterspole