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Clue length Answer
Like a wake-up time on an6preset
Like default figures6preset
Ready already6preset
Like some stations on a c6preset
Adjusted beforehand6preset
Beginning to prune trees perhaps to get control6preset
Adjusted in advance — Peter's arranged for it6preset
Quietly, RE class is primed in advance6preset
Arranged in advance, gift's not new6preset
car radio button6preset
Arrange beforehand6preset
tuning shortcut6preset
Schedule in advance6preset
Peter's treatment is arranged in advance6preset
Radio button6preset
Name missing from gift organised in advance6preset
Car radio selection6preset
like alarm clocks6preset
radio tuning shortcut6preset
peter tosh copped sentence that was decided in advance6preset
Fixed beforehand6preset
Program in advance6preset
Adjust beforehand6preset
Like some hotel thermostats6preset
Established in advance6preset
In electronics, a control such as a variable resistor used to set initial conditions6preset
Already ready6preset
decided beforehand6preset
Like some stations on a car radio6preset
Like a wake-up time on an alarm clock6preset
Like many radio stations6preset
Like one's favorite radio stations, typically6preset
Like the alarm on many alarm clocks6preset
Coffee-maker switch6preset
Fixed, as a gauge6preset
Readied beforehand6preset
Regulated beforehand6preset
Fix in advance6preset
Regulate beforehand6preset
Positioned in advance6preset
Like a missile's guidance system6preset
Like a programmed computer6preset
...... board, for theatrical lighting6preset
Already adjusted6preset
Adjust earlier6preset
Fixed in advance6preset
Possibly pester to get something fixed in advance6preset
time-saving option on a coffee maker6preset

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