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Clue length Answer
King's issue6prince
"Raspberry Beret" singer6prince
Singer whose "name" was o6prince
William or Harry, e.g.6prince
William or Henry6prince
One who hopes to succeed?6prince
Monarch's son6prince
Frog once found pincer movement by crab's head pernicious6prince
Canadian province6prince
Royal male6prince
Charge about North of Wales maybe?6prince
Ruler is extremely popular in church6prince
Royal son6prince
Image-promotion in church for resident at palace?6prince
Cost to bury northern singer (deceased)6prince
Royal knight in charge6prince
Singer in church introduced by priest6prince
What it costs to keep new royal6prince
Musician, one who used to tour with Queen?6prince
Will Smith, the Fresh .... of Bel-Air6prince
Diana ...., secret identity of Wonder Woman6prince
Minneapolis was hometown of this "royal" musician6prince
Royal title, male successor, future king6prince
Fresh ...., Bel Air's royalty import6prince
The son of a sovereign or king6prince
The Frog ...., an 1842 German fairy tale6prince
Nickname of Michael Jackson's oldest son6prince
Bishop also a civil ruler of secular land6prince
.... of Wales, Champagne drink by Albert Edward6prince
William, Harry or Edward, to name a few6prince
Son of a queen6prince
"When Doves Cry" singer6prince
Claw right back almost to the beginning, revealing a pop star6prince
Royal pop star6prince
Capital of Haiti: Port-au-...6prince
A king's son6prince
... Adam; royal alter ego of He-Man6prince
Regal pop star6prince
Pair in the outskirts of Carlisle with royal6prince
6's Wessex is 116prince
A royal auditor's reproductions6prince
‘the ---', 1532 work by machiavelli6prince
Wessex island?6prince
Way to vote in church for top person?6prince
A royal son finally put in charge6prince
Royal heir6prince
The Happy ... and Other Tales 1888 collection of short stories for children by Oscar Wilde6prince
Royal personage6prince
Monarch, mogul6prince