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Clue length Answer
Spring events5rains
What the monsoon season b5rains
Waters naturally5rains
They make lawns green5rains
They may pound the paveme5rains
Monsoon occurrences5rains
Farmers' needs5rains
Claude of "Casablanca"5rains
Ombrometers measure them5rains
Ruins a picnic or a Littl5rains
falls from the sky5rains
word in a morton salt motto5rains
Transport losing time in monsoon5rains
Wet season for Claude in Hollywood5rains
Comes down5rains
Monsoon weather5rains
the invisible man star5rains
casablanca costar5rains
Falls in torrents, say5rains
Claude —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Mr Skeffington5rains
Monsoon-season events5rains
Heavy showers5rains
Downpours and showers5rains
"When it ..., it pours"5rains
April showers5rains
"Ruins a picnic or a Little League game, say"5rains
Only Happy When It ... (1995 hit song by Garbage)5rains
What the monsoon season brings5rains
They may pound the pavement5rains
They're measured by pluviometers5rains
Boons for farmers5rains
Bestows lavishly5rains
Parade stoppers5rains
The Invisible Man of 19335rains
Star of "The Invisible Man"5rains
Actor Claude5rains
Belasco portrayer: 19405rains
"Invisible Man" Claude5rains
He portrayed the police chief in "Casablanca"5rains
Actor in "Notorious"5rains