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Clue length Answer
Register printout7receipt
Register output7receipt
Proof of purchase7receipt
Slip on a new piece of cl7receipt
Return requirement7receipt
Ticket stub, e.g.7receipt
Proof one's settled right round westward part7receipt
Proof of payment7receipt
Proof of payment made7receipt
Paper proving you paid7receipt
Paper proving payment7receipt
Bill of sale7receipt
Written item for the purchase of something7receipt
Proof that you're given satisfaction7receipt
married female killed by imperfect, careless delivery7receipt
A proof of purchase7receipt
Henry going: 'The price is different and this might prove it'7receipt
Mark paid revised energy price on time7receipt
proof of purchase for pet eric spoilt7receipt
getting it, creep is treated7receipt
getting pan from apprentice unsettled7receipt
You have to pay before you get it7receipt
Written acknowledgement of payment7receipt
Written acknowledgment of payment7receipt
Written record of a purchase7receipt
Proof of purchase given when you pay7receipt
Strange recipe with tea – get a chit7receipt
A written acknowledgment that payment or delivery has been made7receipt
requirement for many returns7receipt
need for a return, usually7receipt
from awful creep, it's proof of purchase7receipt
Sales slip from a store7receipt
Sale acknowledgment7receipt
Sales slip7receipt