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Clue length Answer
Band with the album "Mons3rem
Group with the #1 album "3rem
Dreamy state?3rem
"The One I Love" singers3rem
...... sleep3rem
Kind of sleep3rem
Sleep clinic study3rem
"Shiny Happy People" band3rem
Dream state, for short3rem
"The One I Love" group3rem
"Stand" band, 19893rem
"Stand" rock group3rem
...... Martin (cognac brand)3rem
Sleep activity, for short3rem
Post-retirement activity?3rem
Michael Stipe's band3rem
Sleep phase, for short3rem
Radiation unit3rem
"Nightswimming" band3rem
Band with the 1989 hit "S3rem
Occurrence after retiring3rem
Band with the 1993 hit "M3rem
Crucial sleep stage3rem
Sleep stage, for short3rem
Band with the #1 album "M3rem
Rock band fronted by Mich3rem
"Stand" band3rem
Band with the 2008 album3rem
"Everybody Hurts" band3rem
Nocturnal cycle occurrenc3rem
Dreaming phenomenon3rem
Post-retirement occurrenc3rem
"Automatic for the People3rem
Dreamer's activity3rem
Group with the hit CD "Mo3rem
Dream period, for short3rem
Rock group with whom Dan3rem
"Losing My Religion" rock3rem
Sleep state3rem
Rock group with the 19943rem
Radiation dosage3rem
Sleep phenomenon3rem
Hypnologist's subject3rem
"Radio Free Europe" rock3rem
It has you seeing things3rem
sleep acronym3rem
dream-stage acronym3rem
... behavior disorder, in which people act out their dreams3rem
sleep-phase initials3rem
Sleep study subject3rem