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Best answers for 4 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
p.r. part4 lettersrico
u.s. law [enacted in 1970] aimed at organized crime4 lettersrico
bad guy in the song "copacabana"4 lettersrico
flush, in tijuana4 lettersrico
anti-crime act that's not named for a gangster4 lettersrico
uncle ... ["napoleon dynamite" role]4 lettersrico
Puerto follower4 lettersrico
"Little Caesar" crook4 lettersrico
Napoleon Dynamite's uncle4 lettersrico
'Modern Family' actor Rodriguez4 lettersrico
... Nasty American rapper who released the album Anger Management along with Kenny Beats in 20194 lettersrico
having mucho dinero4 lettersrico
Puerto ... unincorporated U.S. territory4 lettersrico
Diamond star Carty4 lettersrico
Gangster in Barry Manilow's “Copacabana”4 lettersrico
Word after "Puerto"4 lettersrico
'... Suave' (1991 hit)4 lettersrico
"Edward G. Robinson's role in Little Caesar"4 lettersrico
Puerto ...., Atlantic Ocean island4 lettersrico
Puerto ...., San Juan's island4 lettersrico
delish, to dominicans4 lettersrico
Racketeering law4 lettersrico
Puerto chaser4 lettersrico
San Juan, Puerto ....4 lettersrico
gangbuster law: init.4 lettersrico
Wealthy, to Juan4 lettersrico
Opposite of pobre4 lettersrico
Affluent, in Acapulco4 lettersrico
First baseman Brogna4 lettersrico
"He wore a diamond" in "C4 lettersrico
"...... Suave" (1991 hip-hop4 lettersrico
"Copacabana" antagonist4 lettersrico
Antimob acronym4 lettersrico
Man in Manilow's "Copacab4 lettersrico
Anticrime acronym since 14 lettersrico
1991 Gerardo hit "...... Sua4 lettersrico
"Little Caesar" character4 lettersrico
Possessing many pesos4 lettersrico
"Little Caesar" gangster4 lettersrico
Wealthy, in Madrid4 lettersrico
"Little Caesar" role4 lettersrico
Ex-Bosoxer Petrocelli4 lettersrico
Anticrime acronym4 lettersrico
Part of P.R.4 lettersrico
Not pobre4 lettersrico
Law used to fight organiz4 lettersrico
Edward G. Robinson's role4 lettersrico
Baseball's Brogna4 lettersrico
"Miami Vice" cop4 lettersrico
Puerto ......4 lettersrico