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Clue length Answer
Good shot in quoits6ringer
A dead one looks like som6ringer
Horseshoes score6ringer
Striking likeness6ringer
One in church tower who looks like someone else?6ringer
Campanologist's double?6ringer
Bell that looks the same6ringer
Dead ....: look-alike6ringer
Competitor who enters a game to cheat6ringer
A dead .... is someone's double, a doppelganger6ringer
The campanologist's double?6ringer
Virtually identical in appearance: Dead ...6ringer
One impersonating campanologist6ringer
... an impostor6ringer
A look-alike, sometimes dead6ringer
You may see a hunchback, perhaps, double6ringer
Look-alike may be dead6ringer
pro pretending to be an amateur6ringer
Dead ...; something identical, exact duplicate6ringer
suspiciously good competitor6ringer
pro taking part in amateur events6ringer
To resemble someone else is to be a dead ...6ringer
Fake or impostor6ringer
One calls for a double6ringer
Spitting image6ringer
Substitute campanologist?6ringer
Excellent horseshoe throw6ringer
Feat in horseshoes6ringer
A dead one looks like something else6ringer
Player who's way too good, say6ringer
Fraudulent contestant6ringer
Horseshoe hit6ringer
Horseshoes hit6ringer
One calling for a double6ringer
Something very like a campanologist6ringer
One bell resembling another?6ringer
2014 Godflesh song6ringer
Dead ...... (spitting image)6ringer
Dead ... (exact look-alike)6ringer
Well-thrown horseshoe6ringer
Someone very like a campanologist6ringer
super-skilled player secretly brought onto your team6ringer

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