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Clue length Answer
The Amazon and others4rios
Ebro y otros4rios
Paraguay and others4rios
Delgado's rivers4rios
Uruguay and Paraguay4rios
Mexican waterways4rios
They run through South Am4rios
Carriers of water to los4rios
Spanish rivers4rios
Mexico's Yaqui and others4rios
Paraguay and Uruguay4rios
Mexican rivers4rios
Amazon and Orinoco, to na4rios
Jamaica's Ocho ......4rios
Portuguese rivers4rios
Guadalquivir and others4rios
Grande and Bravo4rios
Spanish streams4rios
Guadalquivir et al.4rios
grande y bravo4rios
grande et al.4rios
Ocho —, Jamaica4rios
waterways throughout south america4rios
Amazonas and others4rios
Marcelo —, 1999 Hamburg Masters singles tennis champion4rios
rivers, in costa rica4rios
blue lines on mapas4rios
Rivers, in Mexico4rios
arroyos after rains4rios
where some pescados swim4rios
spanish waterways4rios
lago feeders4rios
kia subcompacts4rios
some are tributarios4rios
Marcelo —, 1998 Australian Open singles tennis championship runner-up4rios
... de las Amazonas4rios
Marcelo ......, Chilean tennis player who held the World number one ranking for six weeks in 19984rios
Carriers of water to los oc4rios
They run through South America4rios
"Amazon and Orinoco, to natives"4rios
Marcelo —, 1998 Australian Open singles tennis championship losing finalist4rios
Ocho ...... (Jamaican resort)4rios
Carriers of water to los océanos4rios
Bravo and Grande4rios
Ebro and Orinoco4rios
Ocho ......, Jamaician resort4rios
Tajo and Duero4rios
Iberian waterways4rios
Grande and Ebro4rios
Mayo and Yaqui4rios

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