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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Makeshift punishment tool5ruler
Schoolbag item5ruler
Monarch, for one5ruler
King or queen5ruler
Measuring stick5ruler
Drawing help5ruler
Pencil box top, often5ruler
Czar or king5ruler
It's made to measure5ruler
Kaiser or czar5ruler
12" stick5ruler
King or czar5ruler
12-inch stick5ruler
Mars, to Aries, in astrol5ruler
Makeshift punishment devi5ruler
It's for good measure5ruler
What "Henry" means, liter5ruler
Measuring device5ruler
Head of state?5ruler
15 perhaps and cattle thief? No way5ruler
Top person that has to be absolutely straight5ruler
King, e.g.5ruler
Governor that helps to lay down a measure5ruler
Liberal dons feel sorry for king … and queen?5ruler
Queen possibly to regret having bottom grabbed by both hands5ruler
Source of line, line penned in regret, right?5ruler
Does he regret hosting Liberal leader?5ruler
Straight edge5ruler
Something made to measure for emperor5ruler
Leader - line-drawing aid5ruler
Straight edge; monarch5ruler
Might one regret snorting line with Her Maj?5ruler
Regret drinking port with royal head of state5ruler
Czar or kaiser5ruler
Governor cross after driving off motorway in expensive car5ruler
one reigning king beheaded swiss mathematician5ruler
monarch has regret about left and right5ruler
King in regret about Left and Right5ruler
one assists to straighten a sultana, perhaps5ruler
One who has power is left in regret - right?5ruler
Measuring tool5ruler
It has a foot5ruler
Measure taken by a governor5ruler
One issuing edicts5ruler
Not a subject needed at school5ruler
It makes a straight line for the king5ruler