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Best answers for 7 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Managing; flowing7running
Continuous struggle7running
overheads incurred by track athletes?7running
Managing while on the move?7running
is it given when a relay-race is in progress?7running
trevor nunn gives prize for competition7running
Continuous management7running
Nun with grin rambling on7running
sprinting, but not fast7running
Managing to get liquefied7running
athletic activity in which there's chance of success7running
........ mate, an election candidate for the lesser of two closely associated political offices7running
in a hurry to get elected?7running
Racing making nun grin unexpectedly7running
Participating in a sprint7running
Base ...., baseball effort to score runs7running
Continuous performance7running
on exercising?7running
Pentathlon component7running
Functioning, as a machine7running
Taking part in a marathon7running
athletic event on show at the moment7running
Not having got set, is off the mark7running
... while managing the river flow7running
What the candidates are doing on the trot7running
Sport in which Mo Farah earned Olympic Gold medals7running
Shoes designed for long distance sport7running
Taking part in consecutive races?7running
In theaters now7running
making use of the track consecutively7running
Seeking office, British PM loses European conflict7running
Action that shouldn't be done with scissors7running
exercise for candidates?7running
One after another?7running
Moving fast7running
Going swiftly on foot7running
people like doing it on the beach7running
Managing to turn pub into bar7running
Managing when racing7running
In succession7running