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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
"Smooth Operator" singer4sade
Marquis de ......4sade
One-named jazzy singer4sade
Historical figure portray4sade
She won a 2002 Grammy for4sade
Marquis name?4sade
Female singer who was Gra4sade
"Vic and ......" of oldtime4sade
"The Sweetest Taboo" sing4sade
Nigerian-born singer with4sade
One-named singer of "Smoo4sade
She had a 1993 hit with "4sade
"Philosophy in the Bedroo4sade
Nigerian-born singing sta4sade
One-named Nigerian songst4sade
Top 10 singer born in Nig4sade
"Justine" author4sade
One-named singer from Nig4sade
Nigerian-born pop star4sade
"Smooth Operator" chanteu4sade
One-named Nigerian singer4sade
Pop singer from Nigeria4sade
One-named pop/R.&B. singe4sade
Last name in cruelty4sade
'Soldier of Love' Grammy winner4sade
"cherish the day" singer born helen folasade adu4sade
singer whose hit singles include your love is king and smooth operator4sade
One-named hitmaker born in Nigeria4sade
Nigerian-born Grammy winner4sade
'No Ordinary Love' singer4sade
Singer of 'Smooth Operator'4sade
'The Sweetest Taboo' singer4sade
“flower of the universe” singer, 20164sade
blue european nobleman?4sade
nigerian pop star4sade
Band with the debut album Diamond Life4sade
Soldier of Love singer4sade
One-named Grammy-winning singer4sade
Your Love Is King' band4sade
One-named Nigerian singer of The Sweetest Taboo4sade
Wooden barrier4sade
1985 Grammy winner from Nigeria4sade
One-named singer with Grammys in 1985 and 20104sade
The Big Unknown singer4sade
Historical figure portrayed in Quills4sade
“Smooth Operator” artist4sade
One-named pop/R.&B. singer4sade
"The Sweetest Taboo singer, 1985"4sade
"Smooth Operator chanteuse"4sade
2011 Grammy winner for Soldier of Love4sade