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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
"Braveheart" setting8scotland
First sofa bed to arrive in country8scotland
Country north of England8scotland
Country where men wear kilts at sporting events8scotland
Main country where the play Macbeth takes place8scotland
UK country voted on independence in 20148scotland
.... Yard, London police force, northern UK country8scotland
Country called the Land of Cakes8scotland
Loch Ness is in this country8scotland
Country that Robert The Bruce led to freedom8scotland
Knee-length male skirt, it comes from ....8scotland
New .... Yard, the London base for the Met Police8scotland
Country that is home to the Hebrides Islands8scotland
Country where the annual Highland Games take place8scotland
Country that has an annual Hogmanay celebration8scotland
Its patron saint's day is November 30th8scotland
Birth country of the discoverer of penicillin8scotland
Country where the national animal is the unicorn8scotland
Second largest country in the UK8scotland
England's opponent in the Bishops' Wars8scotland
Country where the band Simple Minds originated8scotland
Nation which had no national parks until 20028scotland
Bed is large in ocean liner produced in the UK8scotland
Dot clans around the country8scotland
12 part of the UK8scotland
Where cost is about to come down8scotland
Where the port of Ayr is8scotland
Northern part of the UK8scotland
Country of the UK8scotland
Edinburgh's locale8scotland
Edinburgh's country8scotland
national rugby team with a thistle emblem8scotland
Strange clans dot this country8scotland
Site of a 2014 vote for independence8scotland
Country whose flag is known as the Saltire8scotland
Kiltie's country8scotland
Carlyle's native land8scotland
Mary Stuart's realm8scotland
cape wrath locale8scotland
Polish securing place to sleep by Lake Country8scotland
The country known for its Highlands and Loch Ness8scotland
Northernmost nation of the UK8scotland
British nation associated with Rob Roy8scotland
Northernmost country in the United Kingdom8scotland
European country home to kilts and bagpipes8scotland
the thistle is its emblem8scotland
Country clubs in lush ground8scotland
Free partner to secure a contract for the country8scotland
Glasgow's country8scotland

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