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9 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Cause for a pause9semicolon
Cause for pause9semicolon
Pause indicator9semicolon
Half an organ stop?9semicolon
Mark climbing positions beset by bad omens9semicolon
Brief stop in house on section of canal9semicolon
Pausing punctuation mark between two main clauses9semicolon
Lion comes skidding to less than a full stop9semicolon
Lions come running; this is the end9semicolon
mark to partially attach a part of the intestine9semicolon
Is monocle ruined? There's a little mark9semicolon
Separator of clauses9semicolon
half stop a sentence-breaker9semicolon
Dot above a comma9semicolon
Punctuation mark9semicolon
Stop intelligence officer infiltrating Kent cricket side?9semicolon
What's this?; a house, almost a settlement9semicolon
Mark of a separation9semicolon
Punctuation mark combining a comma and a dot9semicolon
Lions come round to provide a sentence-breaker9semicolon
Punctuation used in place of a period to indicate that two sentences are related9semicolon
stop colin with some fudge9semicolon
stop income so unfairly with pounds needing to come in9semicolon
stop one half of an internal passage?9semicolon
Army officer in house on short break9semicolon
mark is monocle-mad9semicolon
monocles damaged with iodine mark9semicolon
The symbol ending every statement in computer languages like Java and C9semicolon
Mark's boy holding onto old record company pass9semicolon
The punctuation mark “;”9semicolon
Mark house and pass on9semicolon
It makes up the eyes in a winking emoticon9semicolon
Pause during sentence while monocle is readjusted9semicolon
Punctuation mark joining two related independent clauses9semicolon
See among unstable incomes sign of a pause?9semicolon
Point in the sentence where monocle is useless9semicolon