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Best answers for 8 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Rattigan's "...... Tables"8separate
Release from military service8separate
Break it up8separate
Distinct, discrete8separate
like checks, when splitting the tab8separate
Looks up primates and judge in Split8separate
Not joined or touching8separate
Move or come apart8separate
Distinct; divide8separate
Different or distinct8separate
stare at space excitedly when cast off alone8separate
Create a division8separate
Break down into multiple pieces8separate
In parts see a part apart8separate
Part — with ease, if broken?8separate
Come unglued8separate
Not joined or touching anything8separate
Disunited or apart8separate
1954 stage work by Terence Rattigan8separate
Unattached, set apart8separate
Break up8separate
Part when equal bottom - about the last chance8separate
Pull apart8separate
English sailor monkeys about alone8separate
Notice about a part to be cast on its own8separate
Divided - distinct8separate
Draw together8separate
Not touching8separate
Take apart8separate
Distinct columnar layouts, a hit on stage8separate
Different primates picked up speed8separate
1985 hit by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin about a breakup / 1983 hit by Journey about a breakup, familiarly8separate
From back copies, tear out one by one8separate
Different actor initially in role within grasp8separate
8's brand copies arising without terrible battle8separate
Divide, like the yolk from the egg white8separate
isolated, apart8separate
Standing apart8separate
To divide foods, set aside for later8separate
Different, not the same, distinct8separate
.... Tables, 1958 US drama film, Rita Hayworth8separate