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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Agree out of court6settle
Avoid a trial, say6settle
Sink to the bottom, as se6settle
Put in order6settle
Come to rest6settle
Not demand everything one6settle
Finish a suit?6settle
Avoid a trial6settle
Pay for a seat6settle
Reach agreement6settle
Calm area away from US port6settle
Decide when American leaves a place in Washington6settle
Occupy town square6settle
City of Washington doesn't have a place to sit6settle
Light seat for two or more6settle
Come to rest - North Yorkshire market town6settle
Resolve (a dispute)6settle
Light upon6settle
Date Times girl finally accepted … for pay6settle
Build a house and make it your home6settle
To agree upon, close out an account6settle
Stop arguing and pay the bill6settle
The seat's alight!6settle
Market town in North Yorkshire on the River Ribble6settle
Get yourself a home and land6settle
Pay up to get a seat6settle
Land and decide to stay6settle
Resolve or reach an agreement6settle
Pay to get comfortable6settle
Come to an agreement6settle
Reach an agreement6settle
Resolve out of court6settle
Come to terms with colonial rule disappearing6settle
Quiet adult leaving US city6settle
Agree to put down roots6settle
pay up if you want to stay6settle
the sort of seat one doesn't want to leave?6settle
... however, please don't get so agitated!6settle
mediate, say6settle
Sink to the bottom6settle
Set up home, stay6settle
Sit down and relax6settle
Come to terms with telecaster not taking care6settle
Pick up the tab6settle
not get everything you want6settle