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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Barrel piece5stave
Forestall, with "off"5stave
Ward off5stave
Prevent, with "off"5stave
Hold off5stave
Barrel part5stave
Fight (off)5stave
Avert, with "off"5stave
Two ways to make musical lines5stave
Staff taking time to rescue seals5stave
On which music is written5stave
Fend (off)5stave
... off (avert)5stave
... off (keep from happening)5stave
Barrel strip5stave
Wooden barrel slat5stave
Barrel component5stave
... off (repel)5stave
Barrel rib5stave
Barrel slat5stave
... off (prevent)5stave
Set of verses5stave
Five lines on sheet music5stave
Part of a barrel5stave
Barrel support5stave
Song verse5stave
Vat slat5stave
.... off (forestall)5stave
Smash inward5stave
Barrel constituent5stave
Keg part5stave
Break up5stave
Friar Tuck's cudgel5stave
Poetic stanza5stave
Rung, for one5stave
Crush inward5stave
Ladder rung5stave
Part of a cask5stave
Poem part5stave
Strip of wood: stanza5stave
use a vest to break the cask5stave
barrel board5stave
Bevelled plank for making a barrel - or fivel horizontal lines in music notation5stave
Word used in place of 'chapter' in 'A Christmas Carol'5stave
Cooper's supply5stave
Off ......5stave