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Clue length Answer
Word of caution6steady
High school sweetheart6steady
Girlfriend or boyfriend6steady
Not subject to change6steady
High-school honey6steady
Second date broken by youth leader's girlfriend6steady
Not wavering6steady
Not wobbling6steady
Regular but small returns - that's banking these days6steady
On an even keel6steady
Stable mixed up dates, jockey finally added6steady
Chop up dates and finally enjoy being regular6steady
Firm - sweetheart6steady
Irregular dates happily in the end becoming a regular one?6steady
Special Brew drained dry - keep calm6steady
Fixed small meal at beginning and end of day6steady
Still sad, yet bubbly6steady
Sensible, reliable6steady
Ready follower is resolute6steady
Firmly fixed in place close to boundary6steady
Bad dates the end of Joy as girlfriend6steady
Firm; regular6steady
Staid or stayed - which is misspelt?6steady
Day set to renovate stable6steady
Firmly fixed in place, unshakeable6steady
Holding straight, not moving or giving6steady
Not tottering or wobbling6steady
Careful to set out at daybreak6steady
Regular and continuous6steady
Firm note cutting days off6steady
Firmly fixed; supported6steady
Various dates over year leading to regular boyfriend6steady
Fixed small drink extremely daintily6steady
place, ready at last, for regular date6steady
Regular, constant, unvarying6steady
day set out for the firm6steady
Regular date in stable6steady
Well-balanced girlfriend6steady
"Easy now ..."6steady
Regular date6steady
Boyfriend set day wrongly6steady
Main swain6steady
Stop from rocking6steady