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Clue length Answer
It might help you get a l7stirrup
Rider's foot support7stirrup
Republican brought in to agitate gets a foothold7stirrup
It helps one hear support for rider7stirrup
Purr — it's over rider's equipment7stirrup
Prompt to secure right place for foot7stirrup
Rider's foot rest7stirrup
Move rider's head on horseback — put his foot here7stirrup
.... bone, also stapes, found in the middle ear7stirrup
Horse rider's foot support7stirrup
Equestrian foot support7stirrup
each of a pair of iron footrests attached to a saddle from which a parting cup takes its name7stirrup
Jockey's foot support7stirrup
Item hung from a horse's saddle or part of the ear7stirrup
Agitate about rider's first piece of tack7stirrup
To incite's about right: rider's put his foot in it?7stirrup
a supporter of horse-riders7stirrup
... rugby trips can go wrong - one might put one's foot in it7stirrup
The traveller may well put his foot in it7stirrup
a cowboy steps in it7stirrup
Horse rider's footrest7stirrup
Incite redhead inside to get equipment for the horseman7stirrup
Burst, irruption, using rider's equipment7stirrup
item which some scholars argue was directly responsible for the shift from infantry to cavalry in medieval armies7stirrup
it will prevent the horseman from being foot-loose7stirrup
Cowboy's foot support7stirrup
Ear bone7stirrup
Bone of the middle ear7stirrup
Support for a rider's foot7stirrup
It might help you get a leg up7stirrup
Part of a saddle7stirrup
Saddle appendage7stirrup
Rider's footrest7stirrup
Footrest of sorts7stirrup
Equestrian's footrest7stirrup
it's important to one's standing as a rider7stirrup
Support for rider's foot7stirrup
Fuss over grabbing howler's tail bone7stirrup
Saddle part7stirrup
Bone crusher ultimately in ferment7stirrup
Foot holder7stirrup
Anger that king has broken a bone7stirrup
this cup is taken up7stirrup
the kind of drink one is saddled with?7stirrup

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