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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Indian cooking method8tandoori
Sort of restaurant, one with yellowy-brown entrance8tandoori
Brown cross over source of Indian dish8tandoori
Indian cooking style8tandoori
Cuisine from Ontario failing to engage daughter8tandoori
Type of curry traditionally cooked in a clay oven8tandoori
Often red dish with lines on top, bottom in amber and indigo8tandoori
Cooked in an Indian clay oven8tandoori
With which Indian chefs make an entrance: is it holding up?8tandoori
... chicken (Indian dish)8tandoori
Like some Indian chicken8tandoori
Time one secures a new opening for Indian cooking8tandoori
Baked in a clay oven8tandoori
Indian chicken dish made in a clay oven8tandoori
... chicken (indian dish named after the clay oven it is prepared in)8tandoori
It may be mis-served to a diner with love for what's English8tandoori
Adjective on an Indian menu8tandoori
Also, grub is served up around one in such a style?8tandoori
Style of Indian cooking8tandoori
Food baked brown, the first thing to open?8tandoori
Cooked in a clay oven, as in India8tandoori
Chicken ......8tandoori
In a special train, do nothing but Indian cooking8tandoori
Indian dish cooked in a clay oven8tandoori
Cooking at indoor type of restaurant8tandoori
Type of Indian cooking8tandoori
In Indian cookery, a method of cooking meat or vegetables in a clay oven8tandoori
Indian-style rattan door, including frames8tandoori
Indian cooking style named for an oven8tandoori
Type of food in a tin, cooked without opening8tandoori
making a trip to rio and getting hot food8tandoori
indian method of cooking on a spit in a clay oven8tandoori
indian menu word8tandoori
cooked using a clay oven, in indian cuisine8tandoori
trio a don confused with type of indian cooking8tandoori
Indian method of cooking8tandoori
do ration out food in asian style8tandoori
do not air broadcast demonstrating cookery style8tandoori
Not radio broadcast for cooking style8tandoori
Beat one after opening Indian food8tandoori
Indian cooking style involving clay oven8tandoori
Bronze entrance by one Indian takeaway, perhaps8tandoori
Indian cuisine word8tandoori
hot food taken to rio and cooked8tandoori
describes certain indian dishes8tandoori