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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Grand ......5theft
Embezzlement, e.g.5theft
Thug's crime, often5theft
Taking of property5theft
Daily crime perpetrated by 24s5theft
Taking offence?5theft
Times covers male and female, 175theft
Pinching an article on paper5theft
Taking time, chap with tips from feminist5theft
Act of stealing5theft
Stealing daily?5theft
Stealing article, flees town at first5theft
Pinching article on foot5theft
Common crime for Carmen Sandiego5theft
Stealing newspaper?5theft
Taking newspaper5theft
Pilfering article 12 in. long5theft
A 195theft
A rival paper behind the crime?5theft
What is pinching the foot?5theft
felony's taking the fort5theft
Crime seen in financial newspaper?5theft
It's a crime5theft
Pink organ pinching5theft
Lifting action, newspaper?5theft
tons to carry? lifting that will get you in trouble5theft
Instance of stealing5theft
Taking offense5theft
stealing article 12in. long5theft
a different paper's plagiarism5theft
act of larceny5theft
taking it badly?5theft
taking something badly?5theft
stealing of article twelve inches long5theft
Stealing a broadsheet newspaper?5theft
The business newspaper offering job?5theft
Robber's crime5theft
Cat burglar's crime5theft
Crime of stealing5theft
Burglar's crime5theft
Grand ... Auto (video game series)5theft
shoplifting, e.g.5theft
lifting, maybe5theft

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