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Clue length Answer
Yours, once5thine
Dated term for "yours"5thine
Old pronoun5thine
Your, of yore5thine
Biblical possessive5thine
Quaker's "yours"5thine
Yours, old-style5thine
Possessive pronoun in an5thine
Like whose eyes, in a Ben5thine
It was once yours5thine
"...only with ...... eyes"5thine
Yours (archaic)5thine
your, in hymns5thine
Slender key was yours once5thine
shakespearean possessive5thine
what was once yours?5thine
Spare key, yours some time ago?5thine
Fine base — yours years ago5thine
bible possessive5thine
"to ... own self be true": "hamlet"5thine
Yours, in days of yore5thine
Yours, in the Bible5thine
your, old-style5thine
Biblical your5thine
“to ... own self be true”: “hamlet” bromide often quoted out of context5thine
Biblical pronoun5thine
Yours, in old English5thine
"Like whose eyes, in a Ben Jonson verse?"5thine
Possessive pronoun in an old hymn5thine
What's now yours5thine
"...... Is the Glory" (hymn)5thine
What was yours at one time?5thine
"...... Alone," V. Herbert song5thine
Yours, poetically5thine
Yours of yore5thine
"To ...... own self be true": Shak.5thine
Friend's word5thine
Amish pronoun5thine
Biblically yours5thine
"For ...... is the kingdom . . . "5thine
"Not my will, but ......, be done": Luke 22:425thine
Poetic possessive5thine
"What is ...... is mine"5thine
"Give every man ...... ear . . . ": Shak.5thine
Belonging to thee5thine
"Set ...... house in order": Isa. 38:15thine
"To ...... own self be true"5thine
In the translation it becomes yours5thine
"To ... own self "5thine
Owned by thee5thine

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